About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand the wellness practices of bodyworkers and provide personal development for individuals through continued education, dynamic community, and creating space to share information, experiences, and resources. 

Our Vision

Continued education teaches us to stay curious, treat ourselves with kindness, and challenge ourselves. By stretching our capacity, we all continue to evolve.  We believe lifelong learning and a commitment to wellness truly does make the world a better place and hope you'll join us on this journey.  

Our Story

Body Techniques has specialized in designing programs to lower workplace stress, emphasize mindfulness, and improve employee gratification and engagement for over twenty-five years. We've been calming the minds and tuning the bodies of tech professionals for over two decades with on-site massage therapy, yoga, and fitness programs. Our Learn with Body Techniques platform allows us to share our expertise and passion with wellness practitioners and everyday enthusiasts by providing a space to offer ongoing training, professional education, and a direct pathway to onsite and virtual contracts. We bring high quality, continuing education certified courses to students so they can deepen their practice and join us in sharing wellness with the world.  


Our instructors are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive and current content and are passionate about sharing the benefits of wellness.


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