Chair Massage Certification

12 CE credit

This course provides the appropriate knowledge base needed to offer safe and therapeutic chair massage to clients. The course includes 6-hours of guided instruction followed by 6-hours of hands-on learning. Students who complete this course will learn the basics of chair massage, body mechanics, and proper safety and sanitation; as well as a detailed chair massage routine including communication, intake process, proper positioning, advanced techniques, and special modifications and adaptations.

Prerequisite:  Students must be certified massage therapists to participate in this class. 

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Chair Massage Course Outline


Students will learn the history, benefits, and body mechanics of chair massage.

Selecting the Perfect Chair

Review the most popular chairs on the market and how to select the perfect chair for their body type and professional needs.

Safety and Sanitation

Identify proper safety and sanitation protocols to perform before, during, and after massage. 

Putting it all together    

Student will learn an in-depth routine, including proper client intake and special techniques with modifications.  

Chair Massage Learning Outcomes